Poppedin POP! Help

PoppedinJackInTheBoxJack is a funny one when it comes to your achievements.
He will steel half your score and may set you back to a previous stage.
PoppedinSunAdd some light to a cloudy day.
PoppedinBirdWatch-out for those pesky birds.
PoppedinBombBombs destroy things, including your remaining lives.
PoppedinCloudOn a cloudy day the world becomes a dark place.
PoppedinFrogFrogs just hop. Nothing more, nothing less.
PoppedinHeartA heart increases your live.
PoppedinMouseLMice like cheese they say.
PoppedinMouseRThe more the merrier.
PoppedinPigOink, Oink!
PoppedinPoppedinThe star of the show!
PoppedinTreeWithout trees we wouldn't have oxygen.
PoppedinUmbrellaThis may keep you dry on a rainy day.
PoppedinMenuMenu to pause the game and mute sound
PoppedinPlayStart the game.
PoppedinSaveManually save your score for a little help later on.